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About Us & Our Program

Welcome! Established in 2013, the mission of the Flying Panthers Flight School, Inc. is to provide education and flight training in support of acquiring both primary and advanced pilot certificates. The Organization also promotes activities that support aviation safety, technical educational opportunities, and careers in aviation.

Our organization offers basic and advanced ground school education designed to prepare students for the required FAA examinations under part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR). We offer Private and Commercial pilot’s licenses as well as an Instrument rating. All training activities will be conducted by FAA certificated flight and ground instructors.

Safety in flight training is our primary goal. Our quality flight instruction is offered at the lowest possible price for basic and advanced pilot certificates. Instruction will be conducted as demand dictates throughout the year with Ground instruction typically offered in sessions as student demand and instructor availability permits. Flight instruction is offered continuously throughout the year.

Currently, all flight instruction takes place out of McClellan Airfield (KMCC) and flights take students throughout the Northern California region. Ground instruction is offered at the Civil Air Patrol classroom at Sacramento Executive Airport. Interested students may also receive hands-on training in the repair and maintenance of an aircraft for those wishing to pursue an Airframe or Powerplant certificate. Any student age fifteen to eighteen who is interested in aviation and who claims a financial hardship will receive a discounted ground school class which will enable them to pass their private pilot's written exam.

Our ability to offer GA training access at such a discount to other programs is due, in no small part, to our dedicated volunteer staff. Our Board consists of two Sacramento Community College teachers, Philip Cypret, Sacramento City College, who is our Chief Flight Instructor and Jennifer Andronas, American River College, our Vice President, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy, Paul Belli, who is our Membership Director, myself, a retired California paramedic, Karyn Lininger, a community paralegal who is our Secretary. Our Director of Maintenance, Lynn Grimstad, has more than 30 years of aircraft repair experience. All of our highly qualified Flight Instructors are FAA qualified CFI’s who come from diverse experience backgrounds and skill sets that include U2 pilot, United States Air-Force, commercial airline pilot, fire department support pilot, air cargo transport, helicopter and many others.

All of us on the Board and many of our students have depended upon the Flying Panthers Flight School to acquire all or some of their licenses or ratings. Most, myself included, are of the opinion that without our programs they would not have had the ability to complete their training during the early days of their careers.

-- Cliff Young, President