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Our Aircraft

Cessna 150

N11746 $70/Hour Wet.

Our 1974 150L Commuter, Continental O-200, is a great new-pilot trainer. She is solid and dependable with easy to use radio and VOR/CDI and ADS-B out.

Pilots Operation handbook

Cessna 152

N4962L $80/Hour Wet.

Our 1980 152-II, Lycoming O-235, is a favorite low-cost IFR trainer. VOR/GS CDI, GPS, DME, ADSB-out. Recently outfitted with a Garmin GNC 355/Gi106B CDI for RNAV instrument approaches.

Pilots Operation handbook

Cessna 172

N20503 $115/Hour Wet

Our 1973 172M has a 160hp O-320 engine and is IFR certified. Aspen EFD 1000 and Garmin GPS 175/WAAS, ADS-B out.

Below links are simulation trainers for the Garmin GPS 175 and GNC 355.
Windows Desktop Trainer
iPad Trainer

These downloads are for learning only. DO NOT USE IN ANY AIRPLANE.

Pilots Operation handbook

Cessna 172

N737GL $115/Hour Wet

Our 1977 Cessna 172N/180hp is a great choice for those who are looking for a higher performance engine in the familiar 172 trainer. VFR avionics at this time pending Garmin 650 install next month.

Pilots Operation handbook

Pipistrel Virus

N898RG $140/Hour Wet

Interested in adding a Taildragger and/or Complex rating? Try our 2018 Pipistrel Virus (veer-ous). This Light Sport/Powered Glider has a 100HP Rotax engine, constant speed prop, spoilers and glass avionics.

Pilots Operation handbook