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Our Aircraft

Cessna 150

N11746 $89/Hour Wet.

Our 1974 150L Commuter with a Continental O-200, is our low-cost, new-pilot trainer. She is solid and dependable with Garmin GNC 355 GPS Navigator, KI 209A VOR/CDI and ADS-B out. VFR and IFR ready.

Gross weight: 1600.00
Empty weight: 1105.74
Moment: 36317.44
Useful load: 494.26
Max usable fuel: 22 gal
Date: 9/16/2022

Cessna 152

N4962L $99/Hour Wet.

Our 1980 152-II, Lycoming O-235, is a favorite low-cost IFR trainer. VOR/GS CDI, GPS, DME, ADSB-out. Recently outfitted with a Garmin GNC 355/Gi106B CDI for RNAV instrument approaches.

Cessna 172

N20503 $135/Hour Wet

Our 1973 172M has a 160hp O-320 engine and is IFR certified. Aspen EFD 1000 and Garmin GPS 175/WAAS, ADS-B out.

Gross weight: 2300
Empty weight: 1453
Empty arm: 40.7
Empty Moment: 59137.1
Useful load: 847
Max usable fuel: 38 gal

Below links are simulation trainers for the Garmin GPS 175 and GNC 355.

These downloads are for learning only. DO NOT USE IN ANY AIRPLANE.

Cessna 172

N737GL $135/Hour Wet

Our 1977 Cessna 172N/180hp is a great choice for those who are looking for a higher performance engine in the familiar 172 trainer. IFR ready with Garmin's GTN 650Xi Touchscreen Navigator and Garmin Gi 106B CDI.